Abandoned Properties

Recently, Housing & Community Development has received another tool to address the maintenance of properties which have been abandoned.  On February 15, 2017 the Board of Commissioners passed Ordinance 759-17 which provides for the registration of abandoned properties and grants the Township the ability to require the security & maintenance of those properties.  In the event that the properties are not registered, secured & maintained it provides the Township with the ability to take action and see that the properties are secured & maintained. 

Abandoned Property Ordinance

Abandoned Property Registration Form

If you know of any properties which have been abandoned, please contact the Department of Housing & Community Development.  

Housing & Community Development

The Department of Housing & Community Development is responsible for the administration of the PA Uniform Construction Code as well as matters relating to subdivision and land development, zoning, code enforcement, building inspections, engineering and health and sanitation. The department also administers and supports various advisory boards including: Planning Commission, Zoning Hearing Board, Health Board, Environmental Advisory Council and Fire Board.

On-Lot Management Program

The Township On-Lot Management Program includes the inspection and proper maintenance of on-lot systems. The program requires all property owners with on-lot systems to have their tanks pumped and inspected by a registered hauler once every four years. The properties with on-lot systems are allocated to one of four geographic regions & property owners will be notified when, in the four year cycle, they are to have their system pumped and inspected. Included with the notification, a Septic System Report form will be provided for the hauler to complete and return to the Township within thirty (30) days of the system being pumped and inspected. Proper on-lot system maintenance can prevent premature system failure, contamination of local drinking water and transmission of waterborne illnesses.

Further information can be found at PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) – Act 537 Sewage Facilities.