Housing & Community

The Department of Housing and Community Development is responsible for the administration of the Uniform Construction Codes as well as matters relating to subdivision and land development, zoning, code enforcement, building inspections, engineering and health and sanitation. The department also administers and supports various advisory boards including: Planning Commission, Zoning Hearing Board, Health Board, Environmental Advisory Council and Fire Board.

Cumberland County Home Ownership Programs

The Cumberland County Housing and Redevelopment Authority offers a number of programs for home owners. From first time buyer seminars to emergency repair loans. To learn more about the programs offered by Cumberland County please call 1-866-683-5907 or visit www.cchra.com//program/homeownerdhip-programs”

County Mapping Links

The Cumberland County website is an asset to online users, providing contact information for the various County officials and departments. Of particular interest to residents would be the tax mapping site (http://ccgis.ccpa.net/PropertyMapper/) where it is possible to look at aerial view images of properties within Cumberland County using the PIN (Parcel Identification Number). The PIN or Parcel number is found on your tax bill, beginning with 09 or 45 for East Pennsboro Township properties. Property lines and addresses will be displayed and the view can be printed for your use. Property dimensions are available for some parcels; it is recommended that you compare them with your deed for accuracy, or contact a surveyor regarding your property boundaries.

On Lot Disposal Systems Program

As mandated by the State Department of Environmental Protection, East Pennsboro Township Board of Commissioners enacted Ordinance No. 757-09 on July 1, 2009; On-Lot Management Program. Part of this program includes the inspection and proper maintenance of on-lot systems. The program requires all property owners with on-lot systems to have their tanks pumped and inspected by a registered hauler once every four years. The properties with on-lot systems are divided into four geographic sections. Property owners within a given geographic section will be notified when, in the four year cycle, they are to have their system pumped and inspected. Along with the notification a “Septic System Report” form will be provided. This report is to be completed by the hauler and returned to the Township within thirty days of the pumping. Proper on-lot system maintenance can prevent premature system failure, contamination of local drinking water and transmission of waterborne illnesses.

Further information can found on the Department of Environmental Protections’ website, Act 537, Septic Management Programs, including tips on managing your septic system or by contacting the Township Office.