Comprehensive Plan Update

The Township is in the process of updating the Comprehensive Plan. The updated Comprehensive Plan will anticipate the Township’s future needs and objectives, then recommend policies and methodologies to achieve those needs and goals while accounting for growth and (re)development for the next 10 years.

Specifically the Plan will address zoning and land use regulations, transportation, infrastructure, community facilities and services.

The Township took a two-phase approach to preparing the plan update. Phase I conducted initial planning work in 2015 to identify the community issues that Phase II will address. The Phase I work compiled common planning data points and trends in a 2015 Township Profile; interviewed elected officials and Township staff; began an extensive outreach effort to community stakeholders and the Township public, including an issue ranking survey; and prepared the final list of issues to be addressed in the plan update.

Environmental Planning & Design (EP&D) has been selected to complete Phase II of the Comp Plan. A schedule of events will be forthcoming shortly.

2015 Township Profile

2015 Community Issues & Opportunities

2015 Survey Summary

2015 Presentation to Board of Commissioners Slides

Please contact the Department of Housing & Community Development with any questions or concerns.