Planning to Build

Submission of all necessary and required information will enable staff to process the application and review plans efficiently. Submissions are evaluated in terms of compliance with the Zoning Ordinances, Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical, Energy Conservation, Accessibility and Fire Codes, as adopted by East Pennsboro Township. Permit approval requires compliance with all codes and ordinances which East Pennsboro Township has adopted. Upon issuance, the Building Permit shall be posted and visible from the public right-of-way. The permit applicant, and ultimately the property owner, is responsible for making arrangements for inspections and insuring that the required inspections have been performed by the Township Building Inspector. Construction shall not proceed until each phase of construction has been approved. Please refer to contractor, address, permit number, and inspection requested when calling to set up inspections. Please remember that structures may not be used or occupied until the final inspection has been conducted and a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued. Should you have any questions concerning your project, please call the Housing & Community Development Department at 717-732-0711 ext 1207

To schedule inspections call: 717-732-0711 ext 1212.

UCC Codes

The PA Department of Labor and Industry hosts & maintains the Statutes & Regulations which comprise the PA Uniform Construction Code


Township Admendments UCC

For UCC modifications specific to East Pennsboro Township please click the link Municipal Code Changes & scroll to East Pennsboro Township.

East Pennsboro Construction Code

Full Text of this Ordinance is available on the Township Ordinances page.