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    With waterways flowing through us into the Susquehanna River, East Pennsboro Township wants to do the very best to work with everyone to keep our lands and creeks clean. Please feel free to tell us about your storm water and environmental activities and we could advertise your events here on the website. To learn more, please call Stormwater Concerns at 717-732-3621 ext. 1248 or email us at stormwater@eastpennsboro.net.

  • Penn State Gardening with Nature Workshops

    Join Penn State Master Gardeners for a season-long series of informal workshop sessions about creating a beautiful garden while preserving a healthy environment. Located at the Cleve J. Fredricksen Library in Camp Hill, these programs span from March to October. If you would like to register for or to learn more about these and similar programs, please visit PSU Extension web site or call Penn State Extension at 717-240-6500.

  • Make A Difference In Your Community!

    The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay is rallying thousands of volunteers across the Chesapeake watershed to join us for our annual Project Clean Stream this Spring! Join your community in improving your local park, stream, creek, or river by picking up trash, planting trees, and removing invasive species!

    • Visit https://pg-cloud.com/ACB/.
    • Decide which cleanup(s) you would like to volunteer at.
    • Click 'Volunteer' on the left side of the webpage.
    • Select the cleanup from the menu, enter your information and click submit for a confirmation e-mail.

  • CCWA 2018 Events and Partner Activities

    3/6 - How we are improving Paxton Creek and Wildwood Lake by Matt Bonanno. He will also explain improvements upstream from the lake with the Paxton Creek Joint Pollution Reduction Plan. Paxton Creek Watershed and Education Assoc. will give away 2 free rain barrels! This is a free event starting at 7pm at Wildwood Park. Visit the Wildwood Lake website for more details.

    3/20 - Pruning Essentials by Pat Welfley, Penn State Master Gardener from 7pm - 8pm at the Fredericksen Camp Hill Library. Learn HOW and WHEN to prune woody ornamentals, including both evergreen and deciduous flowering trees and shrubs with a hands-on demonstration. There is a $5 fee. To register call 1-877-345-0691 or visit the PSU Master Gardener Page.

    4/2 - Order deadline for the Conservation District annual tree seedling sale. Each year the Conservation District holds a tree seedling sale to raise funds for our environmental education projects. The seedlings include evergreens, hardwoods, fruit trees and some ornamental trees. Most seedlings come packaged in bundles of 10 and range in size from 8 - 36 inches. The district also sells ground cover, flowering bulbs and wildflower seed mix. We also sell tree shelters and stakes, and Bluebird boxes. Click here for the Order Form. For more information, call 717-240-7812, e-mail conserve@pa.net or visit http://www.cumberlandcd.com/treesale.html.

Stormwater Management

The Clean Water Act is the federal legislation that governs stormwater management. Stormwater point discharges to waters of the U.S. are regulated using National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits. In 1999, federal regulations extended coverage of the NPDES program to local separate storm sewer systems (MS4’s) serving populations less than 100,000. East Pennsboro Township is required to comply with the NPDES program as a MS4. Under the NPDES stormwater program, permittees must develop a stormwater management plan that provides the details of how the community (East Pennsboro Township) will comply with the requirements of the permit. Permits are based on a framework of six minimum control measures:
  • Public education and outreach
  • Public participation and involvement
  • Illicit discharge detection and elimination
  • Construction site runoff control
  • Post-construction storm water management in new development and redevelopment
  • Pollution prevention and good housekeeping for municipal operations and maintenance
More information on this program is available from the Pennsylvania DEP website

East Pennsboro Township Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4)

The goals of all MS4s programs and East Pennsboro Township are to reduce the discharge of pollutants from the township, to protect water quality and to satisfy requirements of the Clean Water Act. East Pennsboro Township would like you to remember that the water and any items that go into a storm sewer go directly into streams. This water is not cleaned in any way and does not go to the waste water treatment plant. East Pennsboro Township needs all of its residents to assist us in keeping our storm water and storm water sewer system clean by doing the following:
  • Dispose of water properly
  • Clean up after your pets
  • Use fertilizers properly and efficiently to prevent excess runoff
  • Store materials that could pollute storm water indoors
  • Keep grass cutting off of the street

What Residents can help watch for:

  • Sediment leaving a construction site in stormwater
  • Spills (Chemical, Gas, Oil)
  • Illegal dumping activity into streams or storm sewers (PLEASE CALL 911 FIRST)
  • Dry weather flows from outfall pipes into streams (72 hours after a rain storm)
Please monitor storm water inlets near your property. Residents may be the first to recognize “illicit” discharges dumping into storm sewers or coming out of from storm sewer outfalls. If you see an “illicit” discharge please contact Township Engineer Jared Hockenberry at 717-732-0711 ext.1208 or the Township Police at 717-732-3633.