Wastewater Treatment and Collections

The East Pennsboro Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) located at 21 Dulles Drive East, Camp Hill provides wastewater treatment to most of East Pennsboro Township, all of Wormleysburg Borough and a small portion of Hampden Township. In 2015, the WWTP provided service to 1,689 Equivalent Dwelling Units (EDUs) from Wormleysburg and 336 EDUs from Hampden Township.

The WWTP, which operates under NPDES Permit No. PA 0038415 and WQM Permit No. 2172401, Amemdment No. 09-1, is designed for an annual average flow of 4.4 million gallons per day (mgd), a maximum month hydraulic loading of 6.0 mgd and an organic loading of 7,340 lbs BOD5/day. The East Pennsboro WWTP is a secondary treatment plant with total nitrogen and phosphorus removal. During 2011 and 2012, the WWTP underwent an extensive upgrade and expansion project that included construction of a new headworks (comprised of new influent pumping, screening and grit/grease removal facilities), upgrade of the primary clarifiers, construction of a new aeration tank and major modifications to the existing tanks, new blowers, a new final clarifier and new equipment for the existing final clarifiers, modifications to the RAS/WAS pumping system, a new chemical feed system, a new chlorine contact tank (CCT) and upgrade of the existing CCTs, a new effluent pumping station, upgrades to the electrical/control system, upgrades to the two-stage anaerobic digestion facilities, and a new centrifuge for biosolids dewatering. The WWTP Upgrade/Expansion project was substantially complete, with all new work on-line as of November 2012 and the construction contracts were closed out in July 2013.

The Township also owns and operates the public wastewater collection system and conveyance facilities within East Pennsboro Township. The Township’s sanitary sewer system is comprised of the North, Central, and South Drainage Areas. Wastewater from each drainage area is conveyed to the WWTP via pumping stations and trunk/interceptor sewers. The Township’s sanitary sewer system ranges in size from 6-inch diameter terra-cotta pipe in parts of Enola to the 36-inch diameter Conodoguinet Interceptor. Some of the Enola sewers were constructed in the early 1900s. The first major public sewer project in the Township was constructed in the 1950s. The Township and developers have constructed many extensions to the original sewer system, and several of the original trunk and interceptor sewers have been replaced over the years with larger pipes. The Township owns, operates and maintains 11 wastewater pumping stations.

Township personnel perform routine maintenance of the collection system and monitor the pumping stations daily. Four flow meters at the WWTP are calibrated quarterly each year. The Township currently has Omni-Site units in all of the pumping stations within the collection system to monitor pump operation and various alarm inputs. In addition, each of the pumping stations is visited several times each week by the Township’s crew.

Routine sewer system maintenance includes responding to reports and blockages. When responding to these reports, Township personnel address the problem if it is located within the public right-of-way. If the problem is located on private property, the homeowner is notified to contact the plumber. The Township owns a sewer flusher/vacuum truck, which it uses to flush sewer mains as preventative maintenance.

The Township can also excavate and repair shallow laterals and mainline sewers in-house while significant rehabilitation work is performed by outside contractors.

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