Yard Waste Facility

The Department operates a Yard Waste Facility at 750 S. Humer Street, Enola that efficiently recycles yard waste into publicly available mulch and leaf compost. Residents and commercial tree and landscape companies can now purchase an access card to enter the facility at their own convenience from dawn to dusk, 7 days a week from April through October. The Yard Waste Facility is closed November to March. The cost of an access card is $10.00 for residents; $800.00 for a landscape business located within the Township; and $1200.00 for a landscape business located outside the Township. Access cards can be purchased at the Township Building, Sewer & Sanitation Office, Room 101, 98 S Enola Drive, Enola, PA 17025.

Residential Access Card Applications

Commercial Business Access Card Applications

Leaf Collection Dates and Guidelines

Leaf collection will begin on October 22nd and continue through December 7, 2018. Leaves will be collected the day after your trash and recycling pick-up day.

Due to the recent snowstorm and equipment failures, the Township may be delayed in collecting leaves on the designated pick-up day. Please be patient as Township crews are working after hours and over weekends to catch up. Also, the Township will continue to pick up leaves beyond December 7th as weather allows.

Township Begins Delivery of Compost and Tanbark

Township residents can order tanbark and leaf compost by completing an order form/release agreement and making a payment of $60 at the Township Municipal Building before delivery. Orders will be accepted Monday through Thursday of each week, with a Friday delivery. If the Friday falls on a holiday, delivery will be on the Thursday of that week. Delivery will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, with a total of 10 orders per week. The product will only e laced on the driveway of the property. Because of liability concerns, the Township no longer loads leaf compost or tanbark at the yard waste facility for residents. Both items are still available free of charge for self loading.

The order form and release agreement is available here.