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Winter Maintenance

Snow Plowing For Township Roads – The plowing of streets will begin when snow accumulations reach 3 inches. Until such time the plowing of streets is required, crews will treat the roads with salt and anti-skid, as needed. Township crews will respond accordingly as storm conditions require.

In order to provide a fair and uniform resolution to incidents involving damages by a Township snowplow to mailboxes, rolled asphalt curbing, concrete curbing, yards and vehicles on the street during plowing or salting operations, East Pennsboro Township adheres to the following Winter Damage Policy.

Top priorities for roads which are maintained by the Township include:

2nd Street (Village of West Fairview) (Entire length)
3rd Street (Village of West Fairview) (Entire Length)
Abolition Street (2nd St to Fire House)
Acri Meadow Road (Magaro Rd to Acri Rd)
Acri Road (Acri Meadow Rd to TWP line)
Bella Vista Drive (Holtz Rd to River Rd)
Beverly Lane (Acri Rd to TWP line)
Brentwater Road (Routes 11/15 to Foxcroft Dr)
Bridge Road (Magaro Rd to Country Club Rd)
Center Street (East Penn Dr to 21st St and Wertzville Rd to Magaro)
Chester Road (Wertzville Rd to Westmorland Ave)
College Hill Road (N. Enola Dr to Routes 11/15)
Country Club Road (Bridge Rd to Routes 11/15)
Dulles Drive (Erford Rd to Wastewater Treatment Plant)
E. North Avenue (Enola St to S. Enola Dr)
E. Perry Street (N. Enola Dr to Susquehanna Ave)
East Penn Drive (Salt Rd to Center Street)
Enola Street (Routes 11/15 to North Ave)
Erford Road (Poplar Church Rd to Dulles Dr)
Fairmont (Front Street to High St)
Front Street (Entire Length)
High Street (Fairmont Ave to Abolition St)
Highland Ave (S. Enola Dr to High St)
Kent Drive (Golfview Dr to Sullivan St)
Magaro Road (Wertzville Rd to Creekside Dr)
Manor Avenue (Enola St to S. Enola Dr)
Market Street (West Fairview)
N. Enola Drive (Valley Rd to Wertzville Rd)
Popular Church Road (Center St to Erford Rd)
River Road (Bella Vista Dr to TWP line)
S. Humer Street (Wertzville Rd to Magaro Rd)
Salt Road (Valley Rd to East Penn Dr)
Shady Lane (East Penn Dr to Routes 11/15)
South Street (S. Enola Dr to Enola St)
Susquehanna Avenue (E. Perry St to Routes 11/15)
Third Street (Village of Summerdale) (Wayne St to Valley St)
Tower Road (Belle Vista Dr to Valley Rd)

Once plowing is required, and after the priority roads are clear and remain passable, road crews will strive to open the principal access road to each development. However, if priority roads require additional attention, development plowing may have to be delayed. After the snow has stopped falling, plows will return to the developments to make a pass on each of the roads in each direction and continue snow removal to the curb line, which opens up pathways to the storm water inlets during the melting process and allows for future storms.

Please be advised that PennDOT is responsible for winter maintenance of a number of roads within the Township to include:

Columbia Road (N. Enola Drive to Routes 11/15)
Erford Road (Poplar Church Road to Camp Hill By-pass)
First Street (Valley Road to Miller Street)
Poplar Church Road (Erford Road to TWP line)
Routes 11/15 (Entire length)
S. Enola Drive (Wertzville Road to State Street)
State Street (S. Enola Drive to Routes 11/15)
Valley Road (Routes 11/15to TWP line)
Wertzville Road (N. Enola Drive to TWP line)

Concerns about these and other State roadways may be reported to PennDOT at 1-800-Fix-Road.

Residents are asked to park their cars in a driveway, if at all possible. It’s almost impossible for the township equipment operator not to push snow into driveways that are already plowed. This is not done deliberately.


Residents Can Help – Don’t travel unless necessary. Don’t shovel or blow snow onto plowed or treated streets (the Township has an ordinance that prohibits this, under penalty of law). Move your car off the street, so that plows have more room to operate. This is especially critical in cul-de-sacs. Pull back all portable basketball standards onto your property as a safety precaution for our plow operators.

Snow Emergency Routes – In order to facilitate the movement of traffic and to combat the hazards of snow and ice on designated snow emergency routes, the Township Manger and/or Chief of Police, in their discretion, may declare a snow and ice emergency. Residents are required to remove parked vehicles from along streets and roads posted as snow emergency routes, if a Township snow emergency is declared. It is also unlawful to drive any motor vehicle on any such snow emergency route unless that vehicle is equipped with snow tires or chains. Information on the existence of a snow emergency shall be given by the Township through radio, newspaper or other available media, and information on the termination of the emergency may be given by use of the same media. Click here for a map of the snow emergency routes.

Snow Removal for Sidewalks – Property owners abutting a sidewalk are reminded of the Township’s ordinance requiring residents to clear snow/ice within 24 hours of a snowfall. This is for the safety of the public as well as that of the property owner.

Fire Hydrants – Residents are requested to clear the areas around fire hydrants to ensure adequate fire protection. Valuable time could be lost if your local fire company must clear the hydrant before hoses can be connected.

Trash and Recyclables Collection – Depending upon the extent of the storm, delays may occur with the curbside collection of trash and recyclables. Details may also be posted on the Township’s website.

Residents are reminded that trees on their property which may be damaged due to the storm are their responsibility to clean up. If a tree falls within the roadway, Public Works crews will, as soon as possible, clear the roadway by moving the fallen tree back on to the property from which it fell for safe travel and access by emergency responders as needed.

Other phone numbers or contact information for problems with public utilities includes:

PPL 800-342-5775
PA American Water 800-565-7292
United Water 800-299-8972
UGI 800-609-4844
Verizon 800-837-4966
Comcast 800-266-2278

Emergency E-mail Notifications, Be Prepared
 – To learn more about and sign up for the South Central Task Force’s new mass public emergency notification system, please use the following link: Use the following link to access the Cumberland County Department of Public Safety’s Guide to Emergency Preparedness:

Click here for a PDF of this information.