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Animal Licenses & Control

DOG Licenses

Dog Licenses for 2021 are no longer available at the Township Municipal Building. 

Pennsylvania State Law requires all dogs, 3 months and older, to be properly licensed every calendar year in the county they reside.  Annual and Lifetime Dog Licenses can be purchased through the Cumberland County Treasurer's Office in Carlisle. 

(Please note: Prices do not include convenience fees)
Regular Dog License Fee 
Male & Female: $8.50
Neutered Male & Spayed Female: $6.50

Senior Citizen or Persons with Disability
(Seniors must be at least 65 years old) 
Male & Female: $6.50
Neutered Male & Spayed Female: $4.50

Annual Dog License Application
Lifetime Dog License Application
Online Application/Outside Agents 

Contact the Cumberland County Treasurer's Office at 717-240-6380 or for any additional questions concerning the dog licensing application process.

Leash Law

Any Township resident that owns a dog is responsible for abiding by the animal control ordinances, which include, but are not limited to the following: ALL dogs shall be under the control of the owner and not permitted to run at large. ALL dog owners shall curb (clean up) any dog waste left on any public or private property that is not the owners, and shall not allow any permitted animal to be a nuisance to others with loud barks, howls or other noises. Dog bags are provided at Adams-Ricci Park for courtesy use in park only. Please remember your own bag! Also, East Pennsboro Township has a part time Animal Control Officer. Contact the Officer by calling 717-732-5660, with any questions or concerns.

Residents are reminded of our Township Ordinance not allowing your pet to desecrate or befoul any sidewalk, walkway, or property of another. Be considerate of your neighbors and bring along a disposal bag and pick up after your animal. Dogs must be under immediate control of their owners at all times. According to Township park ordinance, all pets must be on a leash not more than six (6) feet long, with the exception of a seeing eye dog for the visually handicapped while in the park. Owners must cleanup all animal waste deposited by their pet. The Township now provides “Mutt Mitts” for pet owners walking in Adams-Ricci Community Park. These mutt mitts are disposable bags for owners to pick up after their animals.  


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